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In the town of Apogia, nestled near the bottom of a volcanic crater, people eat one another’s noses on special occasions, like weddings, the vernal equinox, and the occasional Sunday brunch. The noses grow back, but because it takes about a week before they look normal, sharing your nose with someone is a special gesture. […]

Stripe-Tailed Prowler

Head in the garbage A thought like wind My favorite raccoon has struck again Chicken bones placed in ritual Who knew you could do that to a pickle? May your secrets find me one day, you stripe-tailed prowler © Thad Fowler. All rights reserved.


Instead of wearing shoes today, I let a pair of penguins grab my feet and carry me to work. On the F train, a young girl sitting with her mommy and daddy, on her way to a tour of Alcatraz, offered the birds a Triscuit. The penguin on the right tut-tutted. “Tragedy is a string […]