Monthly Archives: November 2012


Amy looked on from one row over and two desks back, disgusted and spellbound. Lars pulled his finger from his nose, stuck the booger under his desk, and rested his hand on his desktop once more. Blood congealed on the tip of his index finger, a crushed berry. The fluorescent overhead lights flickered and went […]

You Got It!

When his neighbors went to church on Sunday mornings, Arnold drove to Wranglers, a burger joint on Escondido Road. The angel in the drive-thru window kept him coming back. The angel had the cheekbones and eyes of a woman but the lamb-chop sideburns of a man. Arnold spent much time wondering about the angel’s sex, […]

Riddle of the Sphinx Redux

Held captive inside the city walls, the people of Thebes picked at pigeon bones for lunch. A guy named Eddy arrived at the city gate, but an enigma blocked his path. It said: “I have four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening. Who am I?” “You are […]

Monster Treats

The monster beneath my bed gave birth to me.  She knows I’m afraid of her, so she keeps herself hidden.  Each morning when I wake up, I find placed on my pillow worms and caterpillars, monster treats she leaves to let me know she loves me.  I want to want them, but their squirming and […]