Monthly Archives: February 2013

Found in Translation

It’s safe to say that the following online translations do not capture the intended meaning of their foreign language originals. So much the better, I think. Between cooking sewing, I want the feed from Monday. Boil over a long period of time, past many times, I lay. Flimsy reasons and their friends, alone, going pink […]


That chimpanzee has a gorilla suit on, but it doesn’t fit him very well.

Lyle and the Big Baby

During his wife Melinda’s pregnancy, Lyle attended a class for expectant fathers. The facilitator prompted him to visualize quality time with his future child, and he trained his mind on teaching his little boy how to throw a ball. The smell of the leather of a baseball glove and freshly cut grass tickled his nose. […]

Shaping Fate

Book spines of all sizes and colors lined the shelves of the library. Max savored the multitudes they implied like a diver tasting salt on his lips before plunging into the teeming waters of a coral reef. He reached for a title—Lord Kelvin on a Lark—when a void took over his field of view. Every […]