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To-Do List

When your best self lapses, use the cruelties you commit as a reminder of who you could become: a big purple giant. Hold a vigil for the new age of hanky-panky we’re awaiting, for if you don’t we’ll find ourselves in an age of the hokey-pokey instead. (Live in parentheses for a while) and then […]

Scatter Plot

As he pushed a cart full of his dirty laundry down the sidewalk, Jack studied a streak of condensation left by a jet plane in the sky. It expanded from thin floss in the distance to a scatter plot of cotton balls directly above him. A weather balloon was about to penetrate the stretch of […]

A Gift

­­(Reblogged from original December 8, 2012 post.) Selwyn didn’t notice when the gift showed up in his hands. His feet were pounding the rubber of a treadmill track and his eyes were watching Ian Kissoff mouth the news from behind the anchor’s desk on a muted TV when the woman beside him in flower-print tights […]

Way Up

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