To-Do List

  • When your best self lapses, use the cruelties you commit as a reminder of who you could become: a big purple giant.
  • Hold a vigil for the new age of hanky-panky we’re awaiting, for if you don’t we’ll find ourselves in an age of the hokey-pokey instead.
  • (Live in parentheses for a while) and then step outside.
  • Change the ground that you walk on.
  • Pardon untold fun, twist gravestones into loops, and go to hell with your iron-clad composure.
  • Stand outside of yourself in the hairstylists’ district and pull your lower lip over your face.
  • Acknowledge “goalkeeper” as the most important word in seduction, and then ring the dinner bell.
  • Trounce the X-factor with stone shoes.
  • Grip your speech bubbles for balance.
  • Take care when looking up and down.
  • Have a nice week.

© Thad Fowler. All rights reserved.

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