Alphabet People (A–H)

Note: The alphabet rhymes posted here are NOT intended for children.


A is for Alpert, who got lost in his house

but found in his head a most charming mouse.


B is for Betsy, who caught in the wind

the scent of orange blossoms mixed in with sin.


C is for Chuck, who recalled in his sleep

a promise he once forgot to keep.


D is for Dora, who sat in the zone

of fine feathered dogs who do not like bones.


E is for Ernie, who fell in the coop

and observed on his arm yolk like a loop.


F is for Fay, who rose up a tree

and heard at the top a strange melody.


G is for Gerald, who stopped at the station

and felt like a hiccup a heart palpitation.


H is for Haly, who held in her hand

a water bottle flowing over with sand.


More alphabet people (I–Z) will be coming in later posts!

© Thad Fowler. All rights reserved.

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