Alphabet People (I–Q)

Note: The alphabet rhymes posted here are NOT intended for children. Check out AH here.


I is for Iggy, who stepped in some muck

but figured out how to spin it as luck.


J is for Janice, who entered the room

and found a tall man wearing only a plume.


K is for Kit, who acknowledged the truth

of a glass not half full or half empty but both.


L is for Lil, who stepped in the sea

and fell to her knees, all covered in glee.


M is for Mick, who dined with a thief

and discovered his life was going to be brief.


N is for Nadja, who played cards with a ghost

which tried to explain the life it liked most.


O is for Oscar, who lifted the rug,

stuck his head under, and received a hug.


P is for Paige, who held a balloon

that popped in her hand when she looked at the moon.


Q is for Quinn, who pulled at a curl

in the tail of a creature that looked like a squirrel.


More alphabet people (R–Z) will be coming in a later post!


© Thad Fowler. All rights reserved.

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