Alphabet People (R–Z)

Note: The alphabet rhymes posted here are NOT intended for children. Check out Ahere and IQ here.


R is for Rose, who imagined a scene

of sumo wrestlers facing opponents most lean.


S is for Sal, who had a great passion

for driving new patterns right out of fashion.


T is for Terry, who peered at the jaws

of a crocodile who had mastered our laws.


U is for Ulrich, who bested the rest

and made a big show of feathering his nest.


V is for Vicky, who desperately clung

to the taste of sage honey on the tip of her tongue.


W is for Wallace, who marked out the hours

eating gummy candy and poisoning flowers.


X is for Xia, who gazed through her skin

and pondered the ample sinew within.


Y is for Yogi, who wanted to know

the reason his head would not cease to grow.


Z is for Zoe, who looked to the end

with a grace that others wished she could lend.


© Thad Fowler. All rights reserved.

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