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Found in Translation

It’s safe to say that the following online translations do not capture the intended meaning of their foreign language originals. So much the better, I think. Between cooking sewing, I want the feed from Monday. Boil over a long period of time, past many times, I lay. Flimsy reasons and their friends, alone, going pink […]


That chimpanzee has a gorilla suit on, but it doesn’t fit him very well.

Lyle and the Big Baby

During his wife Melinda’s pregnancy, Lyle attended a class for expectant fathers. The facilitator prompted him to visualize quality time with his future child, and he trained his mind on teaching his little boy how to throw a ball. The smell of the leather of a baseball glove and freshly cut grass tickled his nose. […]

Shaping Fate

Book spines of all sizes and colors lined the shelves of the library. Max savored the multitudes they implied like a diver tasting salt on his lips before plunging into the teeming waters of a coral reef. He reached for a title—Lord Kelvin on a Lark—when a void took over his field of view. Every […]

Hour Glasses

A leaf slips onto the surface of the winter pond. Seeing his reflection break, a boy turns to his father and asks, “How are hour glasses made?” © Thad Fowler. All rights reserved.

The Start Line

Joe keeps winning races to the start line, and even though those speeding to the finish can’t help but scoff, the cheers from his fans beneath the bleachers, futile as they may be, help him feel justified in pumping his fist in triumph and greeting the clouds as he rises to them. © Thad Fowler. […]

White Space

Guy eyed the words on the page before him, traces of worlds. The white spaces between them looked like cracks a person might fall into. “Darling,” Beatrice said, slipping between the sheets in her tights and t-shirt, black hair rinsing over her shoulders like lacquer. “After you finish reading you will turn your back to […]

The Wretch

The doorbell rings. On the mend from the flu, groggy Hal pushes aside limp folds of comforter, loosening the odor of unwashed body and linen. He shuffles across the apartment in his sweat pants and long-john shirt, opens the front door to garish daylight, blinks. His eyes burn as with a thin film of acid, […]

Envelopes and Leaves

You, your mom, and I click-clacked along a railroad through the forest. Envelopes hung from branches in place of leaves, dappling the light, and here and there the autumn wind loosened one into a flutter. The train stopped, and an attendant in a red vest spoke: “Acropolis Station.” In fact, no station was to be found outside—only beech trees […]

Skinny Santa

With the soft silence of new-fallen snow outside, skinny Santa bats his eyes open from dreams of famine and poodles. It’s the big day, and he pinches at the folds of loose skin on his belly, once more doubting the safety of the strict seaweed and tofu diet that Mrs. Claus has held him to […]