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Eyes in Multiples of Eight

The self is as impossible as money, as impossible as spider eyes of enamel, as likely as someone else’s dream. © Thad Fowler. All rights reserved.

Alphabet People (R–Z)

Note: The alphabet rhymes posted here are NOT intended for children. Check out A–H here and I–Q here.   R is for Rose, who imagined a scene of sumo wrestlers facing opponents most lean.   S is for Sal, who had a great passion for driving new patterns right out of fashion.   T is for Terry, who […]

Alphabet People (I–Q)

Note: The alphabet rhymes posted here are NOT intended for children. Check out A–H here.   I is for Iggy, who stepped in some muck but figured out how to spin it as luck.   J is for Janice, who entered the room and found a tall man wearing only a plume.   K is for […]

Alphabet People (A–H)

Note: The alphabet rhymes posted here are NOT intended for children.   A is for Alpert, who got lost in his house but found in his head a most charming mouse.   B is for Betsy, who caught in the wind the scent of orange blossoms mixed in with sin.   C is for Chuck, […]

It’s Tomorrow

It’s tomorrow. Today was yesterday, and the day before prehistory—a time about which our knowledge is based on partially decoded graffiti, elephant footprints, and a smooth curve of desire. © Thad Fowler. All rights reserved.

Scatter Plot

As he pushed a cart full of his dirty laundry down the sidewalk, Jack studied a streak of condensation left by a jet plane in the sky. It expanded from thin floss in the distance to a scatter plot of cotton balls directly above him. A weather balloon was about to penetrate the stretch of […]

A Gift

­­(Reblogged from original December 8, 2012 post.) Selwyn didn’t notice when the gift showed up in his hands. His feet were pounding the rubber of a treadmill track and his eyes were watching Ian Kissoff mouth the news from behind the anchor’s desk on a muted TV when the woman beside him in flower-print tights […]


That chimpanzee has a gorilla suit on, but it doesn’t fit him very well.

Lyle and the Big Baby

During his wife Melinda’s pregnancy, Lyle attended a class for expectant fathers. The facilitator prompted him to visualize quality time with his future child, and he trained his mind on teaching his little boy how to throw a ball. The smell of the leather of a baseball glove and freshly cut grass tickled his nose. […]

Shaping Fate

Book spines of all sizes and colors lined the shelves of the library. Max savored the multitudes they implied like a diver tasting salt on his lips before plunging into the teeming waters of a coral reef. He reached for a title—Lord Kelvin on a Lark—when a void took over his field of view. Every […]