During his wife Melinda’s pregnancy, Lyle attended a class for expectant fathers. The facilitator prompted him to visualize quality time with his future child, and he trained his mind on teaching his little boy how to throw a ball. The smell of the leather of a baseball glove and freshly cut grass tickled his nose. […]

Book spines of all sizes and colors lined the shelves of the library. Max savored the multitudes they implied like a diver tasting salt on his lips before plunging into the teeming waters of a coral reef. He reached for a title—Lord Kelvin on a Lark—when a void took over his field of view. Every […]

In the town of Apogia, nestled near the bottom of a volcanic crater, people eat one another’s noses on special occasions, like weddings, the vernal equinox, and the occasional Sunday brunch. The noses grow back, but because it takes about a week before they look normal, sharing your nose with someone is a special gesture. […]

­­Selwyn didn’t notice when the gift showed up in his hands. His feet were pounding the rubber of a treadmill track and his eyes were watching Ian Kissoff mouth the news from behind the anchor’s desk on a muted TV when the woman beside him in flower-print tights stepped off her elliptical machine. “Lovely gift!” she […]

The hunchbacked old woman prayed silently and intently in the pew ahead of me. Two hairs spiraled from a growth on her chin, but I could tell she had once been a beautiful woman—something about the steel in her eyes. I listened to her prayers in quiet shock. Not only could I hear her thoughts, […]

Guy eyed the words on the page before him, traces of worlds. The white spaces between them looked like cracks a person might fall into. “Darling,” Beatrice said, slipping between the sheets in her tights and t-shirt, black hair rinsing over her shoulders like lacquer. “After you finish reading you will turn your back to […]

Amy looked on from one row over and two desks back, disgusted and spellbound. Lars pulled his finger from his nose, stuck the booger under his desk, and rested his hand on his desktop once more. Blood congealed on the tip of his index finger, a crushed berry. The fluorescent overhead lights flickered and went […]

Dread spread over Ned like a swarm of cockroaches. As he waited at the register for his medium drip coffee, he found in his pocket not his wallet but loose grains of sand, lint, and a single penny. “$2.25 please,” said the barista. Ned checked his other pockets. His cell phone, keys, and office ID […]

Held captive inside the city walls, the people of Thebes picked at pigeon bones for lunch. A guy named Eddy arrived at the city gate, but an enigma blocked his path. It said: “I have four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening. Who am I?” “You are […]

The monster beneath my bed gave birth to me.  She knows I’m afraid of her, so she keeps herself hidden.  Each morning when I wake up, I find placed on my pillow worms and caterpillars, monster treats she leaves to let me know she loves me.  I want to want them, but their squirming and […]